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Keep us posted of any puppet sites
A great place to see puppet shows in the Wash.DC area

Puppeteers of America

a great puppetry org

National Capital Puppetry Guild

A fun group to join for young and old


Puppetry Home Page

Every thing you ever wanted to know

about puppetry.

Center for Puppetry Arts

Stop in when in Atlanta Ga.

Punch and Judy Fellowship

Learn about the KING of puppets

The Jim Henson Co.

More than just the Muppets


another great puppetry org.

Swedish Cottage Marronette Theater

Nice video on the theater in NYC

Barry Louis Polisar

One of my early influences to children's entertainment.

A real cool and silly dude.

How to Make puppets

Puppeteers' Cooperative Home Page

Lots of great ideas. I love this link