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Wonderment Puppet Theater

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 Wonderment Puppet Theater 
It's just about having fun!
       For the past 9 years, Wonderment puppets have had a permanent home in Martinsburg, WV called Wonderment Puppet Theater.
    This unique idea of creating a full time, year round puppet theater for families and adults, is now a reality. This form of entertainment is something new for the Eastern Panhandle area,.

    The theater provides six original puppet shows a year. It also has a play area for before and after show fun, a gift shop, and a studio for creating future shows.

    Wonderment Puppet Theater also has a festive birthday room for party celebrations,with a special scripted birthday show, special effect lighting, party music, setup, and clean up with every birthday package.

    Permanent puppet theaters have been popular and numerous for decades overseas, but in the United States about 40 full time puppet theaters exist. Wonderment Puppet Theater is the only existing one in West Virginia.

    Owner and puppeteer,Joe Santoro, who otherwise works as an art teacher at Hedgeville Elementary School, along with his wife Jane, spent years looking for the right building to house this project, and then in February 2007 they found and bought an old two story Victorian house on King Street built in 1885. 

    Before and after the shows the guests can explore the hands on play area  and gift shop. Each child receives a balloon and animal crackers after each show. The Santoro's will always give personal attention to anyone with a curiosity for puppetry or the making of the theater It's a one of a kind theater. Nothing like it exist anywhere. Come in and see for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

    The theater is open every Saturday and Sunday with show times at 1pm. Admission is $6. for 2 years and up. No reservations required..Special week day shows can be arranged for traveling families. Call or visit the theater's website for more or visit them on
Trip Adviser, Ingram, or YouTube

    The theater is located at 412 West King Street, Martinsburg.

                     For more information call 304-258-4074.

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